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Do you love cooking up exotic dishes for your friends and family? Cooking can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a very tedious and long-drawn. There are a number of kitchen appliances out in the market which can make cooking easier and faster for you. The mixer grinder is one such appliance. From making purees, grinding masalas to making juices, mixer grinders can be used for a lot of purpose. And now you can buy premium quality mixer grinders online at Browse India’s entire range of mixer grinders to find the right choice for yourself.


Stylish Built, Sturdy Body


buyIndianKitchen offers you an exclusive collection of mixer grinders which is not just efficient but is also durable. Depending on your budget you can choose from different types of mixer grinders. Most of the models include three containers which could be used for grinding, juicing, chopping and other purposes. The body of the main devices are insulated to protect you from any kind of possible electric hazards. The blades of the mixer grinders are made of premium quality steel which results in quick and precise cuts. Also, they are available in both steel and colourful fibre finish. You are sure to find a model which will complement your kitchen.


Buy the Top Quality at a Reasonable Price


When you are shopping online at, you can expect amazing discounts and offers on your choice. So, choose from the leading brands Bajaj, Singer, Hyundai, Maharaja Whiteline and more and enjoy the quality of their top class built. Shop today to make the most of these offers.


Best Mixer Grinder & Blender Buying Guide

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  1. Mixer Jars
    Mixer Jars
    USD 100.00
  2.  Butterfly Mixer Grinder MG Arrow 3 jars -  500 Watt
  3. Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder Joy Turbo - 3 Jars 750 Watt
  4. Billion Mixer Grinder Power Grind MG 110  -  3 Jars 550 Watt
  5. Billion Mixer Grinder Big Jar MG 101 - 3 Jars 550 Watt
  6. Billion Mixer Grinder Power Grind  MG 111 - 3 Jars 750 Watt
  7. Billion Mixer Grinder Fast Grind MG 122 - 3 Jars 500 Watt
  8. Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder
  9. Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer Grinder
  10. Bajaj Easy Mixer Grinder
  11. Bajaj Bravo Dlx Mixer Grinder
  12. Maharaja Mixer Grinder Whiteline JX4 Flora - 3 Jars 550 Watt
  13. Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder  Neo MX-147- 3 Jars 500 Watt
  14. Kenstar Mixer Grinder DX Axe 3S - 3 Jars 450 Watt
  15. Kenstar Mixer Grinder Besty  - 3 Jars 500 Watt
  16. Kenstar Mixer Grinder TASKEE KMTAS45W3S-DJS - 3 Jars 450 Watt
  17. Kenstar Mixer Grinder SPACIO KMSPA45K3S-DJS -  3 Jars 450 Watt
  18. Bajaj GX 3 Mixer Grinder
  19. Bajaj Gx10 Dlx Mixer Grinders
  20. Bajaj POPULAR Mixer grinder
  21. Singer Pearl  Mixer Grinder
  22. Bajaj Glory Mixer Grinder
  23. Bajaj Platini Px 7  Mixer Grinder
  24. Crompton Proton Mixer Grinder
  25. Butterfly Mixer Grinder  Grand plus - 3 Jars 750 Watt
  26. Crompton Greaves Mixer Grinder Diva - DS51 3 Jars - 500 Watt
  27. Maharaja Whiteline  Mixer Grinder Solo MX 122 - 3 Jars 500 Watt
  28. Maharaja Whiteline  Mixer Grinder Convenio  MX- 162 - 3 Jars 500 Watt
  29. Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder MG Convenio MX-162 - 3 Jars 550 Watt
  30. Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder MX-186 - 2 Jars 500 Watt
  31. Kenstar Mixer Grinder Stello Pro - 3 Jars 750 Watt
  32. Prestige Hero Mixer Grinder
  33. Singer Mixer Grinder  MG Riyo Dx - 500 Watt
  34. Kenstar Mixer Grinder STALLION - 3 Jars 600 Watt
  35. Philips HL1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder
  36. Preethi Mixer Grinder Crown MG 205 - 3 Jars 500 Watt
Grid List

36 Items

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