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Welcome  and  thank  you  for  joining  the  Premier  family  with  your  purchase  of    a  Premier Chocolate  Refiner.  Engineered  with  state-of-the-art  technology,  this  product  offers  years  of rewarding.


Here at Premier, we are committed to excellence and innovation, and making sure your refiner is   world-class   in   terms   of   performance   and   functionality.   We   accomplish   this   through meticulous  engineering  and  unique  features,  while  also  making  our  product  extremely  safe, reliable, and easy to use. To match the functionality, these refiners are designed to be elegant, and aesthetically appealing so you can proudly display your refiner on your countertop. With  Premier  Chocolate  Refiners,  you  will  be  able  to  produce  incredible chocolates, nut and seed butters, spreads and much more.


At you can expand your chocolate-making knowledge, and/or share your insights on the craft. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience, so feel free to contact us with any thoughts, concerns, or suggestions. Please read the entirety of this Instruction Manual prior to first use, and then, get out there and start making the chocolate of your dreams!




Introducing the  Premier Chocolate Refiner:A space-efficient  chocolate  melanger  that  is plug-and-play ready.


This  professional-grade  tabletop  model  features  high-quality,  all-natural  granite  roller  stones that  refine  particle  size  down  to  less  than  20  microns.  Its  processing  efficiency  creates  silky smooth chocolate and allows for maximum retention of the beans’ inherent qualities, therefore, honoring their true potential to express organoleptic (fine flavor) profiles.



System Features


●          Only all-natural, high-quality granite stones are used in Premier Chocolate Refiners.

●          Low maintenance thanks to kevlar belts.

●          Standard product is Single-Phase 110 or 220V, 50/60Hz input.

●          Easy to transport due to a manageable size and weight.

●          Spare parts are stocked for short lead times.

●          1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.



Specifications and Dimensions


●          UL and CE approved

●          Voltage: 110 / 220V

●          Frequency: 50/60 Hz

●          Motor: 200 W

●          Amps: 2.0 / 1.1

●          Capacity: Approximately 8 lbs/3,5 kg for Premier Chocolate Refiner and 10lbs/4,0kg for the Tilting Premier Chocolate Refiner.

●          Approximate   overall   weight:   23lbs/10,5kg   for   the  Premier  Chocolate  Refiner  and 29lbs/13,5kg for the Tilting Premier Chocolate Refiner.

●          Approximate  Machine  Size:  11x11x14  inch / 28x28x36  cm  for  the  Premier  Chocolate Refiner and 12x12x16 inch / 36x36x41cm for the Tilting Premier Chocolate Refiner.






Premier Wonder Melanger

Premier Tilting  Melanger

Premier Compact Melanger

Premier  Easy Grind Melanger

Power & Voltages

220V/50Hz / 200 W

110V/60Hz / 200 W


220V/50Hz / 200 W

220V/50Hz / 200W  

110V/60Hz / 200W

220V/50Hz / 200 W

Approximate Refining


1.5 liters / 8 lbs

2 liters / 11lbs

2 liters / 11lbs

2 liters / 11lbs

Outer – body material

High Quality ABS

High Quality ABS

High Quality ABS

High Quality ABS

Drum Material

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Rollers Stones


Natural Granite Stones


Natural Granite Stones


Natural Granite Stones


Natural Granite Stones

Flexible Wire Card

PVC (approx.2m or 6, 50m long)

PVC (approx.2m or 6, 50m long)

PVC (approx.2m or 6, 50m long)

PVC (approx.2m or 6, 50m long)

Gross Weight

Approx.- (25lbs / 11.5 kgs)

Approx.- (29lbs / 13.5 kgs)

Approx.- (29lbs / 13.5 kgs)

Approx. - 22lbs / 10 kgs




Users are required to read and understand operating instructions, labels and general safety and warnings prior to using the appliance. Save these instructions for future reference. 


Failure  to  follow  the  instructions detailed in this manual may lead to a personal harm, voided warranty,damage   to   appliance,   fire   hazard,   or   other   unsafe   and   potentially   dangerous conditions.   Generally   accepted   and   recommended   safety   practices   are   applicable .


General Safety


  • Do  not  use  the  appliance  for  anything other than its intended use.
  • Do not use outdoors;  this  product  is  intended  for  indoor  use  only. 
  • Do  not  place  the appliance  in  direct  sunlight  or  other  heated  areas  such  as  near  a  hot  gas  or electric furnace.  
  • Place the appliance on a hard, flat, level, and stable surface..   
  • For  the  Premier  Chocolate  Refiner  Tilting  Model,  be  sure that the drum is in a locked, vertical position before beginning production.
  • Operate  the  machine  only  when  it  is  in  the  upright  vertical  position. 
  • Do  not attempt to run the machine when it is tilted.
  •  ever leave the unit unattended. Close supervision is always necessary when the appliance is in use.
  • Do not touch the rotating drum while in operation.
  • Loose clothing and long hair must be secured prior to operation.
  • Never  put  your  hands  or  any  other  objects  into  the  drum  during  operation. 
  • Checking the contents or emptying the machine can be done only when the unit is turned off.
  • Do not touch any moving parts of the machine when in operation.
  • Do not lift the machine during operation.
  • Never block the motor ventilation holes when unit is running.
  • This  may  cause  personal  injuries  and/or  damage  to  the unit.
  • Do not dry run the Premier Chocolate Refiner for longer than a few seconds.
  • In case of any blockage, overheating of any part of the machine or if any unusual sounds  are  produced,  switch  off  the  machine  immediately. 
  • Please  visit  the Troubleshooting section of this manual to learn more, or contact an Authorized Service Center.


Electrical Safety


a. Use this product with a rated voltage AC outlet only. Use a dedicated electrical outlet/circuit  for  the unit. Before first use, be sure that the machine’s voltage is compatible with the country’s voltage.

b.   Ensure that the electrical outlet is properly grounded.

c.    To  protect  against  electric  shock, do not immerse the power cord, power plug or  the  machine  in  water  or in any other liquid. Never handle the plug with wet hands.

d.   Always switch off the unit and unplug the cord when the machine is not in use.

e.   Be  sure  to  disconnect  the  unit  during cleaning and ensure no water enters the motor compartment while cleaning the machine.

f.    Do not allow power cord to hang loose, and make sure that it is straight towards the  outlet and away from spinning drum.

g.      Failure to do so might cause the wire to  wrap  around  the  drum,  damaging  the machine  and  the  cord.  Do  not  allow cord to touch hot surfaces.

h.   Periodically  check  the  power  cord  for  any  visible  deterioration,  and  do  not operate appliance if plug is damaged.

i.   If  the  appliance  has  malfunctioned  or  has  been  damaged  in  any  way,  call  an Authorized Service Technician for examination or repair.




The Tilting Mechanism


The tilting mechanism facilitates the emptying of the machine. It is controlled by the Push Cap located  on  the  left  side  of  the  machine  above  the  knob.  The  Push  Cap  must  be  completely pressed down in order to release the latch. It must be held down firmly the whole time in order to  be  able  to  tilt  the  machine.  If  there  is  any  resistance,  stop. Forcing will cause the latch to break. The machine is designed to have an inch or so of play in its tilting range even when fully locked .


Always be sure to run the machine in its fully vertical and locked position. Please note that the machine  has  three  positions  as  pictured  below.  When  changing  positioning  from  vertical  to horizontal or vice versa, it will automatically lock at the 45 degree position. 


CAUTION: Always keep the Refiner in the vertical position during refining.






a.   Ensure   that   the   Premier   Chocolate   Refiner   has   arrived  safely  without  any damage  during  transit.  Inspect  the refiner for any visual defects. 

b.   Select a secure, well-ventilated area with a flat, stable surface on which to place the Refiner.

c.   It  is  recommended  that  the  ambient  temperature  of  your  work  area  not  be below  64°F/18°C  otherwise  the  chocolate  might  solidify  in  the  drum  during production.  Place  the  stone  holder  in  the  drum  and  tighten  the  top  lock  nut,  making  sure  the  deflector blades don’t touch the walls of the drum. Tighten the nuts of the deflector blades in place with spanner. Rotate the drum by hand for one full turn to ensure that the deflector blades do not touch the drum wall or base at any point. A gap  of  approximately  ⅛ inch  (4  mm)  between  the  deflector  blades  and  the  drum  wall  is recommended to prevent any scraping or wearing down of the machine. If deflector blades touch the drum at any point, re-start the process. If deflector blades touch the drum, metal scrapings will result and will ruin the chocolate batch. Scraping  will  put  strain  on  the  motor  and  will  cause  the  product  to  overflow  into  the  center cone and onto the motor causing permanent damage to the machine..





The   Premier   Chocolate   Refiner   will   need   to   be   thoroughly   cleaned   before   beginning production.

a.   Wipe  clean  the  inside  and  outside  of  the  drum,  granite  stones  and  the  body  of  the machine using a soft, lint-free cloth.

b.   To  remove  the  fine  stone  dust  on  the  granite  stones,  choose  one  of  the  following methods:

○    Vegetable oil (soy, corn, canola, etc): at least 2 cups/470ml

○    Cocoa butter: at least 1.1lbs/0,5kg of melted product

○    Roasted cocoa nibs: at least 2 cups/240g

○    Sugar: at least 2 cups/450g

○    Rice: at least 2 cups/400g

Allow machine to run for about an hour before removing and disposing contents.


⚠Caution: Please note that this cleaning run is done to collect any stone dust residue therefore the product used must be thrown away!

c.    Carefully  disassemble  each  component  of  the  machine  and  using  a  scrub  brush  with soap, wash well under warm running water to help remove any product that remains.

d.   Washed  utensils  and  equipment  shall  be  rinsed  with  running  water  so  that  abrasives and cleaning chemicals are removed or diluted through the use of water.

e.   Once every component is completely clean, proceed with submerging every item in an appropriate  dilution  of sanitizer, for example: 1 oz Star San per 5 gallons of hot water (160°F/70°C).

f.    Leave  the  components  submerged  for  a  minimum  of  1  minute  to  a  maximum  of  5, alternatively,  the  sanitizer  can  be  applied  with  a  spray  bottle.  The  sanitizer  does  not require rinsing when used at the recommended dilution.

g.   Never place drum or stones in a dishwasher. Hand wash all parts of the refiner. h.   Always allow to air dry completely before beginning production.

i.    Do not dry run the stones as it could result in permanent damage to the stones and the bowl.





Always   be   sure   that   your   Premier   Chocolate   Refiner   is  completely  dry  when  you  start production. Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause the chocolate to seize, ruining the entire  batch.  The  resulting  thick  mass  can  no  longer  be  refined  in  the  Premier  Chocolate Refiner.  If  the  machine  has  not  been  used  for  a  period of time between batches, thoroughly clean and sanitize before use.

Note: The Premier Chocolate Refiner has to be completely dry before each use.


Important Notes on Batch Sizes :


Cocoa Mass and Chocolate


If  making  a  small  batch  of  chocolate,  be  sure  that the recipe yields at least 2.2lbs/1kg for all models of Premier Chocolate Refiners. Nut-based Butters and Spreads If making a small batch of nut-based butters and spreads, be sure that the recipe yields at least 1.1lbs/0,5kg for all the Premier Chocolate Refiners.


Production Steps


a.   Plug the unit into appropriate power outlet.

b.   Immediately  check  to  be  sure  that  the  top  lock is not applying maximum pressure on the roller stones. If it is, loosen the lock one and a half turns to lessen the pressure.

c.    Turn the Power On/Off button to On position. The unit will begin to spin.

d.   Next, gradually add ingredients to the drum. Never dry run the machine for longer than a few seconds.

e.   To  help  ensure  a  cohesive  mass,  it  is  recommended  to  add  additional  heat  to  the chocolate  during  the  first  30  minutes  of  processing,  especially  if  you  notice  that  the mixture  cools  too  much  and starts to thicken. A standard heat gun works very well for adding heat to the machine. For best results, keep heat directed on the roller stones at a distance of approximately 8-10 inches. Heat can also be directed from the outside of the  bowl  onto  the  side  wall  of  the  drum.  Be  sure  that  the  temperature  stays  below

150°F/65°C.  Ingredients  can  also  be  heated  in  a  warm  oven  (120-140°F/50-60°C)  for about 30 minutes. This will allow the Premier Chocolate Refiner to work more easily.

⚠Caution:  Under no circumstances, should the temperature be allowed to reach 170°F/75°C. This will affect the structural integrity of the parts.

⚠Caution: Do not direct the heat gun towards any plastic parts or towards the chocolate as the product  may burn. Handle the heat gun with caution and follow producer’s safety instructions and guidelines for use.

f.    Continue to gradually add the necessary ingredients to the machine.

g.   The  first hour of production, while ingredients are being added, requires constant and active   supervision   to   ensure   ingredients   are  being  refined  correctly  and  are  not clumping together.

h.   30-40 minutes after adding the last ingredients, the chocolate should be flowing easily over  and  under the rollers like a smooth paste. If not, please visit the Troubleshooting section.

i.    Minimum  refining  time  will  vary  depending  on  the  ingredients used. If cocoa nibs are used,  the  minimum  refining  time to achieve a smooth chocolate is 12/24 hours. Note: Chocolate  can  become  over-refined,  leading  to  a  sticky,  unpleasant  feeling  on  the palate.

j.    After the batch is finished, turn off the power.

k.    For the Premier Chocolate Refiner, remove the stones making sure they are positioned on their side so as not to roll away. Empty the drum’s content in a bowl with the aid of a spatula.

l.    For  the  Tilting  Premier  Chocolate  Refiner,  release  the  tilt  stop  latch  on  the  side  and gently tilt the machine to empty the drum. Tilt slowly to prevent spillage. (For detailed instructions, please see section on operating the Tilting Mechanism).

⚠Caution:  Always  be  sure  that  the  roller  stones  are  locked  in  place  inside  the  drum  before attempting to empty the contents. Because the roller stones hold the drum in place, removal of the stones will cause the drum to disengage from the base of the machine when it is tilted.

m.  Always  be  sure  to  filter  your chocolate in a regular mesh sieve to catch any impurities and uncrushed nibs.

n.   Do  not  under  any  circumstances  store  the  product  in the machine after the batch has finished.

o.   Pour the chocolate into airtight storage containers or proceed directly to tempering and finish molding.



Cleaning and Sanitizing


a.   Once the contents of the drum have been emptied, return the drum to vertical position - if applicable. It is now safe to remove the roller stones and drum to wipe clean any remaining product.

b.   Carefully disassemble each component of the machine and using a scrub brush with soap, wash well under warm running water to help remove any product that remains.

c.    Washed utensils and equipment shall be rinsed with running water so that abrasives and cleaning chemicals are removed or diluted through the use of water.

d.   Once every component is completely clean of any residue, proceed with submerging every item in an appropriate dilution of your sanitizer of choice, for example: 1 oz Star San per 5 gallons of hot water (160°F/70°C).

e.   Leave the components submerged for a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 5. Alternatively, the sanitizer can be applied with a spray bottle. The sanitizer does not require rinsing when used at the recommended dilution.

f.    Place on a wire rack to air dry.



Problem Possible Reasons    Solution :


Refiner does not start or run         


  • Power supply failure.
  • Wire  connection  loose  in the plug/in the refiner.
  • Plug not inserted properly.
  • Check the main supply.
  • Connect  the   wires properly.
  • Insert   plug   correctly   into the outlet.


Refiner starts but immediately stops


  • Loaded past capacity.
  • Adding  ingredients too fast.
  • Physical  obstruction in the drum.
  • Spring  and  Top  lock  not aligned  properly, and therefore not catching.
  • Remove excess quantity.
  • Slow   down   and   let   the Refiner catch up.
  • Remove obstruction.
  • Align   top-lock  on  spring, and  apply pressure to screw together.


Top lock does not lock                  


  • Stone assembly & lock not in proper position.
  • Vibration  of  the  refiner  while in operation
  • Refiner  is   on  uneven surface.
  • Rubber  legs not  in position.
  • Place  machine  on  leveled surface.
  • Check    and    correct    the legs.


Refiner stops during grinding      


  • Power supply failure.
  • Low  voltage  to  the  power supply.
  • Overload of the drum.
  • Refiner  near  a  heated surface.
  • Ventilation to the refiner is blocked.
  • Mixture too cold.
  • Check    the    main    power supply.
  • Wait until correct voltage is restored.
  • Remove excess from drum.
  • Move   refiner   away   from heat source.
  • Remove blockage.
  • Add   heat   using  a  blow dryer  to  the  mixture  away.


  • In  general,  if  the  refining  mixture  is  not  "flowing" smoothly in the drum, something is wrong and  needs  to  be  addressed. 


  • If  you have ANY questions or concerns about a Premier Refiner, please feel free to  Contact Us